Sunday, August 10, 2008

Completely Random Sunday #3

Good morning everyone! This morning I'm afraid that I have to make a confession: I did not stay up and watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics! There, I've said it.
Now, according to *some* people this is a particularly heinous crime against humanity, or at the very least incomprehensible. However, I had a very long day and was tired and so I just went to bed. I don't have tivo, or DVR, or any device capable of recording television (this may also be construed as a crime by some), so I was not able to record it to watch it later.
In my defense I must say that I KNEW that the highlights would be available to watch on the Internet, and that during the course of the Olympic coverage they would show the best bits over and over again. In fact, just while watching the heats of the swimming last night I am quite certain that I have already seen most of the best bits!
BUT, everyone whom I have told that I did not watch it and just went to bed has been completely horrified and appalled..."How could you not watch it?" they have asked in anguished tones. "Easy", I replied, "I just turned the TV off and went to sleep." For this I have received looks that might have suggested that I murdered my grandmother and hocked all her jewelry to buy illicit substances.....seriously!!
So, if there is anyone else out there who also refrained from being subjected to hours and hours of boringly obvious commentary, please let me know so that I can use you as additional justification for my decision.

Have a great Sunday,


Kristy said...

Well I have to confess, I didnt watch it either!!!! Didnt even realise it was on, so thats probably worse???

Anonymous said...

I was oblivious to it too. I rarely watch TV anyway, so I'm not up with the latest news. I don't think I'm any worse off for it either. I was too busy stamping with my friends.

Nikki Bond said...

You are toooo funny! I'll admit to...without shame I might add...that I didnt watch the opening ceremony either! My husbanc said...ohhh Nikki, it was spectacular, you should of watched it...I still didnt regret not watching it! LOL I'm just not in to "sports" Sorry...I said it out loud! LOL I'm not a sports lover! So...I'm right there with you girl...I didn't watch them either! {BIG GRINNING SMILES}

June Houck said...

I did not watch, and did not know it had happened except that you are the second person who has mentioned it on their blog today :)

I suppose I am pretty clueless as to what is going on in the world or on t.v., unless it is Monk or Burn Notice...there is rarely any "good" news on anyway!

Reading blogs is so much more entertaining :)

Catherine said...

LOL! I watched the whole thing, fell asleep couple of time but i did. And, i have to confess that all week long, I stayed home and watch most of it...LOL!

lauren said...

bizarre k+l coincidence #...???...i have no idea what # we are up to now...i b'lieve it's in the low 7-figures...

i have not seen even a minute of the olympics. nope, not even the opening ceremony thingie! it's not that i'm ANTI...just totally apathetic...if jeff was watching it, i would not run away...but so far he hasn't (i have not really spread this about as i've got the same sort of reaction at times when i HAVE mentioned stuff like this!) :)


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